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Equipment Requirements:

Helmet including full-face masks and chin strap*.

Hockey Stick - can not exceed 60" from heel to end of shaft*.

Shin Guards and Knee Pads*. (One piece type)

Skates - Roller skates, In-line street or hockey skates acceptable.

Hockey Gloves

Elbow Pads

*The League can supply a limited quantity of these items. Typically in the
smaller sizes. If this is your first year, we recommend that you start using our
equipment to evaluate your needs prior to purchasing new equipment.

Optional equipment that we encourage:

Athletic Supporter with Cup - strongly recommended for older boys and       
required for goalies

Mouth Guard
"For the word of
the Lord is right
and true; He is
faithful in all he

- Psalm 33:4 (NIV)
Through Faith
There are many options if you are in need of player equipment:
- We'll have a used equipment sale during the parent-player meeting
- ebay  
- Back In The Game Sports, a used sporting goods store near Ft. Wayne ,        
www.backinthegamesports.com, 260-572-0808
- Other used stores such as Play It Again Sports
- Sporting goods stores such as Dunham's, Dick's, MC Sports, etc.
- Online sites such as
www.hockeymonkey.com and www.hockeygiant.com
For skates, I recommend inline hockey skates, not regular rollerblades. Some
of the regular rollerblades (non-hockey skates) may also work okay, but you'll
want to make sure the wheels spin easily: Simply hold the skate and spin the
wheels with your hand. If the wheels stop spinning right away, then those
skates will be difficult to skate in. Also, please know there are hard wheels and
there are soft wheels. I recommend soft wheels, which will help grip the floor
and still provide speed. Hard wheels will not grip and your child's feet will slip a
lot. Rollerwheel hardness is measured in Durometers, with the lower number
meaning the softer the wheel and you should look for a durometer between
72-76 (although a 78 should be okay).

If you have regular rollerblades, please remove the skate brake.
Equipment Sizing Information
(This link to HockeyGiant.com does not constitute an endorsement and is for
informational purposes only)
Printable PDF Information - basics about hockey equipment sizing as well as