Swearing / Obscene Gestures
  • Any player swearing or making obscene gestures during a game will be assessed at a
    minimum a minor penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct; or a major penalty depending on
    the severity.
  • Any player swearing or making obscene gestures outside of the game (ie, in the dressing
    room), will be left to the coach’s discretion for the consequence but at a minimum the
    player must sit at least one period at the start of their next game.
  • Multiple incidents will result in increased consequences. The coach will discuss the matter
    with the WNW Commissioners. Penalties could vary from 2-minute minor penalty, to major
    penalty (5 min or 10 min), to game suspension, to season suspension or more,
    depending on the situation.

Dress Code Violations
  • Players are not allowed to remove clothing down to their underwear. Players are not
    allowed to wear clothing that reveals an excessive amount of skin, including belly buttons,
    cleavage, chest. Shirts that reveal the body’s sides, chest, abdomen, etc, are not allowed.
    Players also are not allowed to wear clothing that is deemed potentially offensive by the
    coaches or commissioners.
  • 1st infraction: Player must sit at least one period at the beginning of the next game.
    Additional response may be required (such as an apology to affected people).
  • 2nd infraction: Player must sit the next game (one game suspension). Additional response
    may be required, such as an apology.
  • 3rd infraction: Possible season suspension, following discussion with coach and WNW

Disrespectful Behavior
  • Players must be respectful to other players, referees, all coaches, other adults.
  • 1st infraction: Unsportsmanlike conduct penalty (if offense occurred during game).
    Coach's discretion if occurred outside of game; one-period suspension minimum.
  • 2nd infraction: 1 period suspension minimum. Possibly 1 game suspension depending on
  • 3rd infraction: 1 game suspension, possible season suspension following meeting with
    coach and WNW commissioners.

Aggressive Behavior
  • Fighting (anywhere in or related to the WNW facilities or program) results in minimum 2-
    game suspension and possible further suspension such as additional games, season
    suspension or league suspension, pending review by WNW commissioners
  • Other aggressive behavior, such as checking during a game, will be handled according to
    game rules (ie, misconduct penalty) and may result in suspension from future games
    pending review by referee, coaches and WNW commissioners.

Detrimental Language Towards WNW
  • Players and families are expected to be respectful towards WNW by not talking negatively
    about the program. When issues or complaints arise, we ask players and parents to
    address them directly with the WNW Commissioners rather than publicly through gossip.
  • Players (or families) violating this rule are subject to consequences ranging from a one-
    period suspension up to league suspension, pending review by the WNW Commissioners.

Smoking or Chewing Tobacco (on WNW grounds)
  • 1st offense – one game suspension
  • 2nd offense – possible season or league suspension pending review

Alcohol, Drugs (on WNW grounds)
  • Season suspension

Theft (on WNW grounds)
  • Season suspension

This is not an exhaustive list of offenses. Offenses not specified will be dealt with according to
the discretion of the coaches and commissioners.

Disciplinary Guiding Principles
  1. Our goal at WNW is to discipline out of love; not to punish in a spiteful manner. Our hope
    is that relationships would actually be strengthened – and not hurt – when discipline
  2. We desire to build relationships with players and families. We believe “rules without
    relationships = rebellion.”
  3. We understand there can be “gray areas” for certain offenses or situations. We will strive
    to be as consistent as possible with discipline, but we ask for your understanding when we
    seek to strengthen relationships during disciplinary situations.
  4. We understand that we cannot be everywhere at once and therefore we may not be
    aware of every offense. We ask for your understanding as we strive to handle these
    situations “after the fact” or those based on rumor.
  5. The potential disciplinary situations listed above (ie, swearing, disrespect, etc) are the
    rare exception to daily life at WNW. We thank you for your past cooperation.
  6. Serving a suspension does not automatically result in a player’s return:
  • A public offense may require a public apology. For example, a player who makes a
    crude gesture toward the bleachers will be required to apologize to fans.
  • A private offense may require a private apology. For example, a player who
    mumbles something disrespectful to a referee may be required to apologize to the
  1. Head coaches have discretionary authority to issue partial, full or multiple-game
    suspensions to their players. Head coaches do not have authority to expel a player from
    the league.
  2. Assistant coaches do not have authority to discipline players except in the absence of the
    head coach.
  3. Referees have authority to immediately remove a player from a game.
  4. Commissioners retain the authority to remove a player from the league. Those removed
    from the league are barred from the building during the WNW season.
  5. Misconduct on the part of parents, guardians or family members may also result in the
    removal of the family from the program.
  6. Players may appeal suspensions and expulsions to the commissioners in writing.
  7. If an offense earning a game suspension occurs past the midway point of a game, the
    suspension carries over to the following game. For example, a player curses at a referee
    with 10 minutes remaining in a game. He is suspended until 10 minutes remain in the
    following game. At that point, the coach should not “over play” the player but rather
    should continue to follow equal playing time rules for the remainder of the game.
  8. Players serving a suspension are required to attend practice and games. They must
    dress for games and sit the bench, and they can still get a verse-goal for their team
    (conversely, the team loses a goal if the player doesn’t know the verse). The player
    cannot return to play until they have served their suspension in this manner.
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